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Montessori Spaces To Love - Playrooms + Bedrooms + Home Office.

Today I'm sharing some beautiful Montessori inspired spaces. The first one in from an Early Learning Centre but the rest are in homes.

These windows above are wonderful! This is from a Montessori Early Childhood Centre near Brisbane (Australia). While there are plenty of shelves, materials, and books I notice all the open space. There is space to move and breathe! It looks so peaceful. 

An absolutely beautiful Montessori inspired bedroom via Sprout. I love the neutral and calm decor. 

I have no words, in my eyes this space is perfect. It's simple, cozy and comfortable. "I wanted a space where my daughter could go to read and be captivated by rich materials surrounded by beauty and simplicity."

These shelves are for an 18-month old in Canada. If you click through this account you can see this play space is in a living area, this is a great use of space! The use of cubes/wicker type baskets is really clever. 

There are lots of ideas in this playroom. There is a good mix of materials, a gross motor play area and lots of space to move. This is for a 14-month old.

I wanted to include this to show that we can still create a children's work area in very limited space. This is a home office meets playroom all in an RV! 

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