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HWM Etsy March 2020 (3)

Is there anything on Etsy that has caught your eye recently? These posts are dangerous for me to write, while compiling these images I couldn't help but to order a new toddler apron and a colour matching set. Etsy never fails, I aways find cute, 'must-haves'! Here are a few other things that I am loving on Etsy:

  1. Wooden Solar System Galaxy Set - this is fantastic, you can also get the planets separately. 
  2. Reversible Children's Apron with Flowers/Mustard - the cutest!
  3. Fabric Matching Game - perfect for the toddler in my life. This just isn't about colour but also about matching texture. 
  4. Crochet Toy Storage/Baby Basket - I love this, it's so big, it's ideal for use as a big sensory basket or mystery basket for the young child to explore. 
  5. Apple Puzzle - I know that my toddler would love this, it's simple, doable and still represents the anatomy of the apple. 
  6. Wooden Solar System Stacker 
  7. Animal Classification Taxonomy Chart Wooden Puzzle - this is so practical, we need one of these in our home. 
  8. Multiplication Wheel - multiplication requires lots of practice and this is a lovely way for the child to work on it.
  9. Peaceful Playdough - this is a nice reminder about how playdough can be valuable for older children. I always get a lot of inspiration and new ideas from MontessoriReStore's kits.

I've been having difficulties getting our toddler to wear clothes and I've found the clothes from Sunny Afternoon (these pants and these tops) to be super soft and comfortable and they come in a lovely range of colours. Let me know if there are any materials or clothes you are loving from Etsy.

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