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What's New At IKEA - for a Montessori Home (or School) March 2020

HWM Ikea 2020 (3)

Ikea is one of my go-to places for baskets and trays. Their tray designs are always lovely and they are prefect for a whole range of practical life activities. Ikea always has a few new items that I want straight away, I am loving this little serving tray (#3) I can see it being functional in some of our children's areas. Here are a few other new (and new to me!) things I'm loving at Ikea:

1. PÅLHULT Travel Plans Poster - this is a wonderful idea.

2. BOTANISK Mold for Paper Pots - with this mold and some newpaper you can homemade pots for new seeds/seedlings.

3. FULLSPÄCKAD Serving Tray - this is my top find, I feel like we can use this in the older children's art space. 

4. OSTBIT Bamboo Serving Tongs - for transferring work or practical life activities, these are 9 inches. 

5. PLUFSIG Folding Gym Mat Blue - 78x185 cm (AU link only), I've seen this mat before but not in this colour way. Great for an indoor gross motor play area. 

6. PASSBIT Folding Gym Mat Yellow/Green/Grey - 120x225 cm (AU link only)

7. LURVIG Tray - black and white, 17x13 "

8. TJILLEVIPS Basket of Banana Fiber - a lovely basket in this series. 

9. TJILLEVIPS Bamboo Basket

10. MUSTIGHET Butterfly Patterned Round Tray

11. LURVIG Tray - pink and white, 17x13 "

12. MUSTIGHET Green Patterned Tray - 11x8 "

13. TJILLEVIPS Rattan Basket 

14. TJILLEVIPS Rattan Basket - this is large enough for things like small blocks or as a knitting basket. 

15. KLYFTA Bamboo Serving Basket - I don't have any ideas on how I would use this but it's very pretty!

16. BORSTAD Carpet Beater - perfect if you have small carpets or rugs that need cleaning. The dustpan and broom and hand brush could be useful too. 

17. OTTERÖN Pouffe - indoor/outdoor, dark green.  I love the idea of using this outdoors (it would be perfect on our deck) and I like the texture. 

18. KOLBJÖRN Shelf Unit - indoor/outdoor, green. This looks really durable for outdoor storage for art or gardening supplies. 

19. IVAR Shelf Unit with Cabinets/Drawers - I like this whole series for storage in children's spaces. 

The ROTFJÄRIL butterfly cushion and this one with leaves look gorgeous too. I wonder if this hamburger press would work well with play dough or in a mud kitchen?

Please note that Ikea stores vary and stock also differs county to country. Ikea links may also take you to your local Ikea site and not direct to the product. 

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