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How to create a beautiful Montessori bedroom

How to create a beautiful Montessori bedroom

Montessori bedrooms are often minimalistic, simple and ordered, but this doesn't mean they can't be beautiful too. How do we create a beautiful Montessori bedroom? Here are some wonderful examples.

"We’ve been working on “Montessori-ing” Ardyn’s room for the past few months. She has her own space to continue developing her independence as she grows ❤️ ⁣I absolutely love how it turned out and I think she does too ✨⁣". This room is full of texture and personality and feels bright and fresh. There are many materials and books in this space but it is ordered. The colours including a natural palette make the room feel calm. From California. 

"Who says Montessori rooms are stark?" Not me! What could be more beautiful than a hand painted mural of  Mt. Fuji surrounded by the soft pink of cherry blossoms? This artistic room is in the Philippines.

I try to add as much nature to our children's spaces as I can and this hand made leaf garland is lovely with yellow and orange hues. This sunny room in Florida is beautifully cozy without being cluttered.

I can't quite pinpoint what I love most about this room. There are lots of books and materials at the child's height and it is playful without feeling too kiddish. A calm neutral palette with lots of natural timber with pops of colour in the books and materials and a touch of greenery. (This room may be from Norway.)

"A Montessori infant room (and a good dog)." This space is for a little one due in June. It has lots of light and all the materials at the infant's height. It is warm and feels vey welcoming. The very low artwork is perfect.

This room is for a toddler at around 13 months old and it feels very classic and timeless with lots of soft pink and lovely furnishings. I love how feminine this room and the one below feel without being overwhelmed by the pink. You can feel that the comfort of the child is the priority. 

Click through to see all of the images from this Montessori inspired room. Our Montessori Journey has a lot of Montessori details throughout their home and maintains a minimal but welcoming look. It is organised and functional. Materials are at the child's height with only a few options (not too many) being available. 

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