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Montessori Finds to Love - on Etsy

Gorgeous Familiar Faces Puzzle on Etsy on How we Montessori

Etsy is a great place to find hand made items with a Montessori touch! Here are a few Montessori and other children's products on Etsy that I am loving. 

Personalised Photo Puzzles! These are gorgeous. The first one pictured here (the large single circle) has a mirror in it so the little ones can see their face. Available in different sizes and with different shapes.

Montessori Medic on Etsy at How we Montessori

Montessori Medic Children's Doctor Medical Kit - available with and without a vintage style Doctor's bag.  Contains a working stethoscope, lab coat, cotton flu mask, sample jars, needle-free syringes, Latex-free Vinyl children’s medical gloves, bandages and a pill dispenser. This is on my wish-list! These are good for exploring a Doctor or medical theme or for role play with realistic touches. It would also be useful if you had a hospital or medical appointment/procedure that you wanted to prepare for. 

Toaster Oven Cooking with Kids A Montessori Inspired Cookbook 20 Recipes at How we Montessori

Toaster Oven Cooking with Kids Montessori Inspired Cookbook. How perfect for teachers or kids at home cooking with a toaster oven. I've downloaded and given this to Otis who loves cooking independently with his toaster oven. Contains 20 Recipes/Group Lessons for Preschool, Kinder, and Elementary age children.

This French Mom Montessori Illustrated recipes for kids

Kids Montessori Visual Recipes - these are so useful. This French Mom has visual recipes that are super easy to download and use.

Home Climbing Gym Etsy

Home Climbing Gym. I am daydreaming here (this would be amazing!) and it's not specific to Montessori, but it would be so useful during a long European winter or during a global pandemic (all of our playground are closed). Shipping is free!

Please feel free to leave a link to any of your Etsy favourites.

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