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Otis' Workstation - at 8 years.

How we Montessori Otis' workstation homeschool 2020

Today I want to share Otis' (8yrs) workstation. I haven't been able to find a lot of examples or inspiration for desks and workstations for this age group online. I hope that by sharing Otis' space others will share their children's spaces too.

This little workstation became much more important two weeks ago when we were asked to keep our children home from school. Suddenly Otis was spending a lot more time here. While Otis will work in other areas of the home, with two siblings it has become important that he has a space of his own where he can work uninterrupted.

It is difficult to find a good desk for this age group. Otis is small for his age and in the end I felt an adjustable table was the best option. We already had the FLISAT Children's desk from Ikea and have kept it in this space. His chair is from Pottery Barn Kids.

It is essential for good work habits to keep the workspace as clear and organised as possible. Shelving above the desk is a good idea to keep paper, pens, pencils, glue stick, ruler, scissors, markers and highlighters. Otis also likes to keep his headphones nearby too, perhaps they need their own hook. When Otis is working it's nice to keep some fresh water nearby too. He also hangs his watch from the shelving hook.

Like all Montessori spaces, there is a place for everything.

How we Montessori Otis' workstation at eight years old

A calendar is essential. For Otis we decided on a weekly calendar. Caspar (12yrs) has a monthly calendar on his wall. Otis' calendar (pictured above) is primarily for him to know what days he has sport and sport at school (and has to wear his sports uniform). This is dry-erase so it is easy to use. It's helpful too for him to remember what the day and date is and if there is anything special coming up.

Otis work station at HWM

We also need to consider light in children's spaces. Otis' desk is next to a bright window but Otis can also put on his bedside lamp if he needs. Although Otis has put some of his favourite school pencils out I like to keep the supplies in this area separate to his school supplies. So (when school goes back) he can use this area without needing his school bag. 

How we Montessori Otis' workstation at eight years old

And this is what it often looks like when being used. Often when doing school work he is also using the lap top while reading, while drawing, while listening to a podcast. We try to limit his time working on the lap top which is easier now that he is now on school break! He also uses this space to chat to his friends, he often group chats with WhatsApp with friends in the UK or on Zoom to connect with his local school friends. 

Please leave a link if you share your children's desk or home schooling workstation!!

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