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How we Montessori toddler shelves_ fruit stand_ cereal

This year has been difficult for Otto (2yrs). After moving in January it's taken us months to fully set up our prepared environment to the point that everything is working and functional. But it's so worth it, and it's worth taking time to get it right. As Otto's environment and little spaces in our home came together I noticed a change. Slowly he has taken on more responsibility for his personal care, slowly his level of concentration, patience, perseverance and ability to play alone returned. Having his own snack cupboard is just a small but important part of our prepared home environment.

How we Montessori toddler snack cupboard for Otto at two years old

A toddler snack cupboard, what's the point? It's not just that Otto can get an apple or banana, or cracker when he feels like it. It is that he can set his own place setting (placemat, utensils, napkin), get a fresh fork if one is dropped, he can put his apple cores or banana peel in the compost, he can get his own apron or get his spray bottle and cleaning cloths to clean up a spill, all independently, without having to ask permission or needing help. It's empowering and it allows him to do things he is more than capable of doing. 

How we Montessori Otto toddler snack cupboard 2020 Sydney

All without buying new furniture. We've used two small shelves underneath our pantry. Above Otto is standing on the floor reaching in, the cupboard just has two kitchen cupboard doors that easily swing open. Our kitchen isn't huge but it is large enough for our family of five. This is a small space to give up, sure I could use it for storage but it's well worth the sacrifice.

How we Montessori toddler shelves_ fruit stand_ cereal

This space looks different every day. Sometimes there is more food, sometimes there is less. Sometimes it's full of crumbs or spilt breakfast cereal. Sometimes there are cookies or treats. The food preparation equipment changes too depending on the skills Otto is working on or what foods we have in the house. 

How we Montessori toddler shelves_ fruit stand_ cereal

Otto (and his brothers) also use a mini fridge in our kitchen (dining area) to reach their own water, refrigerated snacks, spreads, milk and juice. Otto also has a baking table which holds his baking tools (wooden spoons, spatulas, whisks, mashers, muffin trays etc). Most often Otto will prepare his snack on his baking table but sometimes he will just prepare it here on the shelf. Otto can easily reach the dishwasher so will put his dirty dishes straight into the dishwasher.

How we Montessori toddler snack shelves Sydney

On the top shelf we have:

  • Breakfast cereal and crackers in OXO POP containers - these containers are fabulous, they are airtight so they keep the food fresh but are so easy for a very young toddler to use. 
  • Toddler Utensil Set c/o Kiddobloom.
  • Fruit - we are using the FULLSPAŐąCKAD serving tray to hold the fruit and other snacks.
  • Tuna, peanut butter and sourdough.
  • Small glasses - there are often more spare glasses in the mini fridge door.
  • Bowl.
  • Plate - often there are two or so plates.
  • Personalised Placemat.

How we Montessori toddler snack shelves compost  cleaning cloths

On the bottom shelf we have:

  • Compost 
  • Hand juicer
  • Small chopping board
  • Strawberry slicer
  • Small tongs
  • Knife
  • Spreader
  • Peeler
  • Wavy Chopper
  • Small cleaning cloths
  • Small spray bottle
  • Napkins
  • Aprons
  • Cleaning mitts - not shown underneath the apron.

The tools in this space change frequently, this is where we will put our juicer, or spiralizer or whatever is popular at the time. 

Below are some pictures of our home (in Canberra) when Caspar and Otis were toddlers. This space utilises the lowest shelf in a step-in pantry.

Caspar How we Montessori Three Year Old Snack area at How we Montessori

Above when Caspar was three. Below when Otis was two years old.

Caspar How we Montessori Three Year Old Snack area at How we Montessori
Caspar How we Montessori Three Year Old Snack area at How we Montessori

Otis would also use this space to stand and work at. 

Caspar How we Montessori Three Year Old Snack area at How we Montessori

If you don't already have a snack area for your children, I hope this gives you some ideas!


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