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Six toddler activities that Otto (two years) enjoyed today!

1. Crayon pencil drawing on a mirror.

The crayon pencils go on so smooth and it is a really different feel to drawing on paper. Our crayon pencils wipe off easily with a dry cloth. Otto is using the Stabilo Woody 3-in-1 and the Lyra Groove Triple pencils.

Otto Montessori Toddler Sweeping at two years at How we Montessori Sydney-9

2. Sweeping the stairs.

Otto watering plant at How we Montessori 2020 at two years old-2

3. Watering the plants.

How we Montessori painting with monster trucks Otto two year old toddler art Sydney 2020

4. Painting with monster trucks. 

Otto is obsessed with monster trucks and they have an interesting tyre tread. Otto first did this activity in his toddler art class and has loved it ever since!

Otto hanging out washing_ montessori toddler practical life at How we Montessori two year old Sydney 2020

5. Hanging up the washing. Our child size clothes hanger is c/o Manine Montessori. 

How we Montessori Otto nature walk magpie watching-2

6. Nature Walk.

We are allowed outdoors for exercise so we try to get amongst nature and around some much needed greenery every day. 


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