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Highlights from our week!

Reusable dabber bottles at How we Montessori toddler dot markers

How are you? Have restrictions started to lift where you live? This week my older boys go back to school, just for one day a week. They are really looking forward to it. With the virus numbers lowering I am looking forward to getting out in our community soon. Here are a few, little highlights from the past week.

If your child likes dot markers you might find refillable dabbers useful! You can mix your own colours and use paints you already have. I like to buy paint in bulk so this feels like an eco-friendly option. (Similar in US here).

Otto watering sprouts at How we Montessori (1) (1)

No matter the time of year we are always growing something inside. I found these little window boxes which allow us to grow sprouts on our rather slim window sills. I love the colour of these pink sprouts!! I encourage the children to water all of our sprouts and seedlings with a dropper or pipette as it's super gentle and it's great for their fine motor skills. 


Children really do learn best from other children. Otto (2.5yrs) didn't stick around for long but he briefly enjoyed cooking pancakes with Caspar (12yrs). It was a sibling effort as Otis (9yrs) made the pancake batter. 

Nature coastline walk at How we Montessori Otto 2 years  (1)

We took a costal nature walk. So good to feel the fresh ocean air! 

What we are reading at How we Montessori

Both of these are new and are on Otto's shelves! Otto is loving All of the Factors of Why I Love Tractors and Otis is reading Up Close with Bugs.

A few articles and things that I've been enjoying:

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