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Real Montessori Bedrooms To Share - April & May!

Montessori Bedrooms to Share at How we Montessori

Today I want to share some fantastic Montessori bedrooms. All of these have low beds and most have low toys and books. We can see that the child, not the adult, is at the centre of the design process. Perhaps this is what makes Montessori bedrooms different to other mainstream bedrooms.

I want to note that the floor bed is not everything, many Montessori families use other options like co-sleeping, low toddler beds and even cribs. If you are using a crib I hope you still find some of the ideas found in these room useful. 

The reason I want to share these rooms is so that we can see how different every home is. Our homes and rooms are all different shapes, sizes and colours, we have different furniture and different budgets - but I love to see how we all make it work!

We can't see a lot of this room but I wanted to share it as it demonstrates that low/floor beds can be bold and beautiful too.

This room looks super practical with built in shelves for books and toys.

I love this and this is the set up that I personally prefer. A simple bed, rug, low shelves and a low bookshelf! You can see how wonderful this would be for a creeping/crawling baby. Perfect!

This room is being shown by a designer so perhaps it looks different in reality. This is a really clean look, super pared back.

We can see this room has lots of good Montessori design features. A wall mirror with a bar, low bookshelves, low bed and a child accessible wardrobe. (I would love the see the artwork lower, at the child's height).

Isn't this cute! Super simple and a good use of space.

This Ikea bunk bed is a good option for many families. This is the bedroom for a fifteen month old, the ladder on the bunk is positioned so that it is facing the wall. However it is envisioned that later the bunk could be used in a shared bedroom. Has low art work, low shelves for toys and books and a little toddler wardrobe. 

This post includes imaged embedded from Instagram. If you are reading this via email or a blog reader you may not be able to view all of the images. To see this post in full please click here.

I have a post coming up on Montessori in small spaces. If you have a space you would like to share, please email me (Kylie) at [email protected]. I would love to see your spaces - all contributions are welcome!

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