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Real Montessori Entryway Ideas

Montessori Entryways to Love at HWM

Our entryway is lacking, so I thought it might be a good time to revisit the subject. These are all recent entryways from real Montessori families. Lots of commonalities but all very different homes! 

This takes up a bit of space, but has almost everything the child would need including a mirror. A space for sunglasses, tissues and a hair brush is a good idea. Here they are using the clear Command style hooks. 

Mirror, basket and lots of hooks! These look similar to Command hooks too which are good for this purpose as they are removable and in a year or two you may want them placed higher. The family picture is a nice touch. 

This space is in Italy and I love the plastic tub. Often our shoes are wet and a container like this would be perfect.

This is a good use of space and is well ordered. 

In our house my kids do this too, use the bottom step for putting on shoes. This shows how much a set of hooks and a couple of baskets can achieve. Simple!

This is cute! Nice hooks, a couple of plants, shelves, and a step stool. From the UK.

This house is split level (like ours) so it's nice to see how this family has made it work!

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