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Sleepy Bedtime Podcasts for Montessori Kids 💤

Sleepy and Bedtime podcasts for Montessori kids

We love a good podcast. We often use podcasts for learning or for entertainment but in more recent times we have also used them for relaxation at bedtime. We don't use them on a regular basis but I will put one on if one of my children are having a hard time getting to sleep. 

I've explored a range of bedtime and meditation apps but these podcasts are currently working for us. For my toddler especially I am wanting reality based stories. A couple of these podcasts have episodes that are nature-based and a couple have been made specifically for the toddler age group.

Sleepy Soundtracks at Kinderling - this is so good. Each episode is dedicated to the lullaby form of a well known artist like Elton John, Queen, Fleetwood Mac, and, No Doubt. The lullabies are wordless and are completely dreamy. Because they are wordless there are no age restrictions, suitable for babies too. 

Bedtime Explorers at Kinderling - starts with breathing exercises, requires good comprehension and abstract thinking. Suggest 5-6 years+. Lots of episodes about dinosaurs. I especially like the beach and mountain episodes.

Soundwalks by the ABC - this is fabulous for Montessori families. It is all reality and nature based and is also calming and relaxing. It can be enjoyed by children of all ages. It is narrated in a meditative way as we listen to the sounds of nature (animals, rain etc). Each episode is set in a different location. Locations around Australia include camping on Kangaroo Island, Winter in the Snowy Mountains, Autumn in Melbourne, Summer at Cradle Mountain Tasmania. Highly recommend!

Sleepy Time by The Moment and - I love this!! Episodes for 2-5 year old and 5-8 year olds (also suitable for older children). Includes 'Settling down to sleep for two to five year olds', 'Getting back to sleep for two to five year olds', 'Balloon belly breathing techniques for two to five year olds' and 'Sensory bedtime story for two to five year olds'. Also highly recommend!

Kids Meditation & Sleep Stories by New Horizon - guided meditation specifically for children, suggest 5-6yrs-13yrs. This is guided meditation, if you haven't used it before with your child I would sit with them, do it with them or tell them a little about how it works. This won't be for every child/family. 

Peace Out - relaxation stories for kids and Calm Kids - For Kids By Kids have some good episodes for children 5-6 year+. 

Kids Listen is a really good place to find children's podcasts. Kids Listen is a grass roots organisation promoting content just for children.

Please share if you have a great podcast that we can add to our playlist!

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