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How we Montessori garbage truck toddler puzzle 2020

Much to the delight of my toddler we found an awesome garbage truck puzzle. This puzzle has a photographic image and has the image on the background so it's easy for the toddler to see where each pieces goes. (AU link, UK link).

How we Montessori garbage truck toddler puzzle 2020

So many circles! Otto's drawing at 33 months. Using the Stabilo Woody 3-in-1 Crayon Pencils. He is working hard to control the pencil.

How we Montessori garbage truck toddler puzzle 2020

Where is the first place you go when the pandemic restrictions lift? Perhaps your local bookshop? I've been twice now, the first time I didn't take Otto due to the number restrictions in the store. But the second time I took Otto (there wasn't a line up) to let him pick out a book. I chose They Say Blue and Otto chose Look Inside Building Sites, both board books. They Say Blue is really, really beautiful and poetic. My toddler prefers the construction site book so we'll read both!

How we Montessori garbage truck toddler puzzle 2020

I love this giant Mars puzzle which uses NASA photography! Every Friday night we have a Family Fun Night and each week the theme is different. As we have a toddler, we find movie night doesn't work for us. We have game nights, poetry nights, portraiture night, story telling night, always followed by gelato. This was from last week's puzzle night. By Caspar and Otis (12&9yrs). They also worked with Otto on his floor puzzle. There is a similar moon puzzle (on my wish-list) which would be fantastic for children interested in space. Please share if you have any puzzles that your older children love. 

How we Montessori garbage truck toddler puzzle 2020

We are introducing Otto to Australian animals. Taronga Zoo is now open so we need to make a visit (I've never been there but it looks great). Otis set up this cute little small world play for Otto using model Australian animals. He used lots of found branches and twigs (held up by play-dough as trees). After a storm we find a lot of debris lying around that we can take home for our nature table or for play. Our large Mirrored Sensory Tray is c/o Modern Teaching Aids.

Ocean life coastal sticker work at How we Montessori toddler Otto 2 years 2020

Some ocean themed sticker work. Otto is loving stickers and this is good for language development too!

Stay safe and well this weekend! 

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