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New Lovevery Play Kits Are Out Today - for Two Year Olds!

Lovevery sink at How we Montessori Otto two year old

Lovevery's new play kits for two year olds are out today. Yes, the play kits now include children from 24 to 36 months check them out here. As a parent of a two year old I am beyond thrilled. They look fantastic!

What do the play kits have in them?

The Helper Play Kit - for months 25, 26, 27

  • Super Sustainable Sink With Bio-Based Cups and Plates (pictured above)
  • Drop and Match Dot Catcher
  • Felt Flowers in a Row 
  • Double Sided Sunny Day Puzzle
  • Anywhere Art Kit with Washable Tempera Paintsticks
  • Let's Map It Out Routine Cards
  • Making Muffins Board Book
  • Play Guide

The Enthusiast Play Kit - for months 28, 29, 30

  • Every Which Weigh Scale and Pails
  • Sort and Stack Peg Puzzle
  • Pinkies Up Picnic Set
  • Squeaky Clean Squeegee Set
  • Sticky Shapes Glue Station
  • My Favourite Nature Buddy Book
  • Play Guide

The Investigator Play Kit - for months 31, 32, 33

  • Twist and Pivot Pattern Puzzle
  • Match and Tap Hammer Box
  • Liquid Lab
  • Countdown Colour Timer
  • Things That Move Memory Game
  • Jump-In Eco Hoops and Organic Cotton Bean Bags
  • The Play Date Book
  • Play Guide

The Free Spirit Play Kit - for months 34, 35, 36

  • Wooden Camper with Locking Doors
  • Van Go Outdoor Adventure
  • Wooden Counting Box
  • Land and Sky Two-Part Puzzle Board
  • Solid Wood Stacking Boulders
  • Reach for the Stars Matching Cards
  • Now I'm Three Book
  • Play Guide

There is so much packed into each kit. All of the materials have been carefully researched and developed to meet the child's needs. 

Lovevery sink at How we Montessori Otto two year old

We've been using the Super Sustainable Sink With Bio-Based Cups and Plates. It's fantastic for pretend play or for water sensory play. The running water captivates Otto, he is obsessed! This is fantastic for a toddler who enjoys water play at the sink and likes to have the tap running. Otto loves just turning the tap on and off and observing the water flow.

Lovevery sink at How we Montessori Otto two year old

The Double Sided Sunny Day Puzzle from the The Helper Play Kit is more difficult than it looks. There is a puzzle on each side so the child gets a lot of play out of it, it's two puzzles in one. Otto hasn't mastered this yet so we know the play kits last for more than the three month subscription period.   

Lovevery sink at How we Montessori Otto two year old

The Felt Flowers in a Row are also from the The Helper Play Kit. 

All of the Lovevery products shown are c/o Lovevery. Otto pictured here is 33 months old.

If you have a two year old you may also like the Lovevery block set (also on Amazon), it's one of our favourites!

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