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Seven Resources - for Montessori Parents (& Educators)

The Book is Anti-Racist Tiffany Jewell

Here are some resources that I've found useful this week. All of these have been created by Montessori or like minded parents and educators. I'm listening, learning, and sharing.

  • Our Big Work: Reflections on being Anti-Racist Montessorians at Montessori for Social Justice.
  • Resources for Talking to Children About Race and Racism at Trillium Montessori.
  • Talking to Your Child About Race and Racism  at My New Life a Lovevery Podcast. This is hard but please listen. Jessica Rolph speaks to Julie Lythcott-Haims. Julie is an author, speaker, and activist based out of Palo Alto, California. She identifies as a black and biracial woman who has spent a lot of time in white spaces. Julie gives us some words to use with our children and it is SO useful. We can all learn from this. 
  • Seek to Understand; Educate for Peace at Forest Bluff School by Paula Lillard Preschlack. "By understanding our own conscious or unconscious biases, we have tools to be stronger parents and allies. Seek to understand. Be brave. Open up to an opportunity for learning and growth.... Dr Montessori showed us that peacefulness comes from children feeling at peace, valued, and respected, inside themselves first, and then as they extend it to others through sincere acts of grace and courtesy. It starts at home. It starts together."
  • Kids Multicultural Materials Montessori From the Heart.

You Matter  Tanglewood HollowImage: Tanglewood Hollow

I've mentioned this book before but I've just finished reading  This Book is Anti Racist by Montessori Educator Tiffany Jewel (pictured top) and it is an excellent resource. 

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