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Otto's Montessori Toddler Room - At Two Years & 10 Months, Sydney.

Real Montessori Bedrooms to Love - July

Montessori Bedrooms To Love at How we Montessori July 2020

Over the weekend I gave Otto's toddler bedroom a little refresh. It reminded me how we are constantly changing and adapting the environment to suit the child. Here are a few Montessori bedrooms that I'm loving right now.

A toddler bedroom from Buenos Aires. This just feels so bright and airy. The furniture design is lovely! This room inspired me to put a little table and chair back into Otto's room.

This is from an eco-minded family. But this clean child-friendly design would also work well for Montessori families. Another reminder that (depending on your climate) a mattress on the floor works! 

This entire home is beautiful and calming. Low hanging art-work ✔️reading area ✔️simple child accessible wardrobe ✔️.

I love this room so much. It's colourful while still being soothing and calm. Can you spot the plants on the high shelf (to the right)? It's a fantastic idea!

This account has lots of Montessori inspired content.

This has been staged but I wanted to include it as it just feels so warm and calm, the colours are beautiful. 

This is an adorable space in Brazil for a one and a six-year old. 

This is a bedroom from a Montessori family for a 21-month-old.

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