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What I'm Loving (and Buying) On Etsy

Etsy Finds To Love at How we Montessori June 2020

Etsy is a constant source of delightful handmade goodness. Here are a few things that I've been loving and buying on Etsy.

  1. Book Lovers Shirt: It's a Good Day to Read a Book - it's always a good day for a book, love this tee.
  2. Wooden House Box for Books - this is super sweet and would be a cute little book box for a small corner in bedroom or for the child to carry around the house. 
  3. The Tiny Doctor's Anatomy Flashcards for Kids - I have these for Otis, my nine-year old. They area clear and precise, useful for learning anatomy for organs like the brain, eye and heart. (It looks like these are now sold out)
  4. Whimsical Bird Costume - we have two of these one for my toddler and one for my nine-year old, and I had a custom order so that the costume is the same colours as our favourite rainbow lorikeets. As these are super easy to put on, and they are soft made from felt, my kids love them. Even with two custom international orders the seller was fabulous.
  5. Montessori Adjustable Kids Desk Luu Table with Blackboard, Clear Acrylic Board and Sandbox - this looks like so much fun and like it would really promote creativity, it has lots of sections and compartments for play and for storing craft and art pieces. 
  6. Solid and Stable Kids Bench - this minimalistic design is lovely! Also the shelves in the same design are beautiful. 

Also, this adorable toddler carrot apron and giraffe bookends!! ❤️

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