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Gift Ideas for Otto - at Three Years!! ❤️ 🎂🎈

Montessori Gift ideas Otto three years old birthday at How we Montessori

Next month Otto turns three!! As he is super excited about his birthday I want to make sure we have some wonderful gifts for him. He is the youngest of three children (all with similar interests) and already has lots of toys so choosing gifts for him has not been easy. Here are five things we've picked out.

  1. Personalised Children's Cook Books - I adore this concept. Each book is a recipe book but can also be read like a storybook. You can personalise the name and appearance (skin/hair/eye colour) of the child and the adult helper (typically mum/dad/grandparents but can be whoever you want). You can preview the book after personalising it before purchase. The pages are said to be easily wipeable (for cooking mess/flour). 
  2. Doctor Play Kit - children at this age often love role play (pretend play) and are drawn to roles of community works and people in our community (think Doctor, Vet, Builder, Firefighter). Here I have a patient exam sheet which I've put on a clip-board, a children's working Stethoscope and a few items I've picked up from our pharmacy like specimen jars, bandages, medicine syringe, and a medicine cup.
  3. Monster Jam Arena - this is a DIY sibling gift. Otis (9yrs) wants to make this for Otto including a few cardboard jumps. Otto has a small monster truck collection and I know he will love it.
  4. Firefighter Dress Up and Language Cards - Otto enjoys playing firefighters so these dress ups will be appreciated. I also want to bring some language to this interest so these language cards will be helpful.
  5. Magformers Magnetic Tiles - children around this age often enjoy 'big' play, big art, big buildings, long roadways. We already have Magformers and Otto uses them all in his play, extra pieces will mean he can create for longer with bigger structures. I haven't ordered these yet so I might go for a bigger set. If you have a child with a marble run/favourite block set/train set, now may be a good time to add to it. 

Otto also loves creating and messy play so perhaps I will make some slime or cellmix to use on his birthday! 

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