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Montessori Toddler Clothes Washing - A Purposeful Practical Life Activity

Montessori Toddler Laundry washing outdoors at how we Montessori

Montessori activities don't have to be elaborate or expensive. The quicker and easier they are to put together the better they fit into our every day living. Take clothes washing, an authentic Montessori practical life activity. A couple of buckets, some detergent, water and we are good to go!

Toddler clothes washing at How we Montessori

We use a natural and gentle detergent that is safe for little hands. Making the bubbles is a part of the fun. 

Montessori toddler washing pouring water from bucket

Wow! My toddler loves all the pouring and splashing. 

Montessori toddler hand laundry washing at How we Montessori Otto two years

I've prepared this activity outside to give my child freedom to spill and splash a little without adult intervention.

Otto laundry washing at How we Montessori toddler at home practical life

Lots of washing and scrubbing, dripping and sloshing. 

Montessori Toddler Practical life washing clothes with wash tub at How we Montessori

We often use one wash basin and two rinsing basins to help get all of the detergent out. We keep one or two fresh buckets of water nearby to refill or re-fresh the basins. In Winter we will add some warm water so it's actually enjoyable to use. 

Montessori Toddler Washing clothes at How we Montessori

Is this work or play? Either way it is purposeful and engaging.

Otto pegging at How we Montessori laundry toddler

Then we need somewhere to hang the wet washing. A child size clothes hanger is useful or we can use the lower levels of an upright hanger or simply some string tied across two chairs.

Resources: Our Child Size Clothes Hanger and Wooden Pegs are c/o Manine Montessori. In the US this Child-size Wooden Laundry Rack looks like a good option. Our Blue Pitcher and Blue Washtub are c/o M.Vita Montessori. Our Small White Washing Bowl (with integrated washboard) is from Absorbent Minds (UK) but a similar Japanese washbasin can be found on Amazon here.

You might find some wash table ideas, especially for schools here at Gorgeous Montessori Wash (Laundry) Tables!

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