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Montessori Toddler Bread Making

Our Montessori Toddler Work Shelves - (2 years 11 Months)

How we Montessori Toddler Work Shelves Otto at 2 years

Today I want to share this little work area for Otto (2 years 11 months). As he turns three next month this area will soon start changing as I make it more suitable for a preschooler. This is how it looks today. 

Most of the materials here are Montessori aligned. You've seen many of them before but here are a few new trays/activities close up.

Montessori toddler toys and trays at How we Montessori Sydney two year old

Musical Instrument Tray - Alto Saxophone - This is an idea from our Montessori toddler class that I couldn't resist making at home. I've used a language card, model saxophone, a photograph image of a saxophone player and a sound recording of a saxophone being played. Otto loves this and will just sit there repeatedly playing the saxophone music. We use this sound recorder which is super simple to use. When I rotate this I will put in a different instrument. 

Whale Matching Set - this includes language cards and corresponding model whales. I love this set because most of the images have a scale or a person on them for scale. It helps for the child to have some understanding of how large the whales are.

Screw Board - similar here. Otto has difficulty and gets frustrated putting the screws in so I put them in a little  and he screws them down. Screw board type activities are fantastic for strengthening the hands and wrists. This is an absolute hit and I'm thinking of getting more for family and friend gifts, this will appeal to a lot of children. 

Fruit/Veg Language Basket - This basket is not on the shelves but on Otto's work table. The advantage of teaching at home is that we have access to a wide range of 'real' objects. While in the last week or so we've used a b language basket with lots of models, this is a basket of all the b fruit, vegetables and herbs that I could find in our home (beetroot, basil, banana, beans, broccoli and bok choy). We handled these carefully and will still use/eat them all. You can see our b basket with objects here.

Montessori Works Magnetic - this has two themes a chef and a builder. Each has six objects to match. The objects are magnetic so they stick to the base. This is easy for Otto but he asks for it over and over. It wasn't on the shelves this morning but when I did a tidy up he asked for it again. You can also take the picture off and just use the base as a board for other magnets.

Sewing Basket - I like this with a focus on fine motor skills and coordination. This set has everything we need including cards, thread, needle and scissors. The cards are very cute and I love the idea of having the needle in a container for safety. 

Otto rainbow stacking blocks

Otto has just started using a work mat and he is very enthusiastic about it! This is the work mat we are using. I really wanted a plain white/off-white mat, this one rolls easily and the size is perfect (23.6"x31.5"). If you are in the US, I also really like these at Montessori Services.

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