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I've been reading In The Spirit of The Studio: Learning From The Atelier Of Reggio Emilia (a fantastic Reggio book) and art is on my mind. This week I've refreshed our art area and introduced an awesome easel. Otto is almost three so I feel the need to add some more interesting elements especially in the area of mark making. So I've sought the perspective of other Montessori parents and teachers. Here are a few Montessori art shelves I've found interesting in homes and schools.

This is in the home of a 4 and a 11 year old. They have lots of wonderful shelf space. This is a lovely display too of shades of blue.

This space is for a 20-month old toddler. I love how compact this is, it really doesn't take up too much space. Not too many materials out. Looks completely age-appropriate. 

Trays on an art cart for a 21 month old. This cart is nice and ordered with just a few activities out for the child. 

This is a photo from a store but the layout is functional and I'm loving the paper roll and the peg board.

This is an art area for a homeschooling family of four children. The elements I'm appreciating are the wall art and the fun clothes (sock?) hanger for drying art.

This art space is amazing, who wouldn't want their children in a classroom like this? Click through to the post for full details on activities and products. 

This is from Montessori Handwork's environment in New Zealand. Wow! Carol is the best resource for handwork ideas and inspiration (check out her website).

This beautiful little area is from a Montessori toddler class in Germany. It looks like they have offered two paint colours and some pencils. 

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