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Easy Peasy Gardening Books for Kids at How we Montessori

I love children's books about the natural world. Today I am sharing a few children's gardening books that are particularly beautiful and that have inspired me to take action in our own home.

Easy Peasy: Gardening for Kids - This is absolutely the most beautiful children's gardening book. The illustrations are so bold and vibrant. This is also a little whimsical and supports reusing materials from the home and making do with what we have.

Easy Peasy Gardening with kids pages

Includes 20 activities that promote gardening anywhere and everywhere (pots, containers, balconies). Extremely easy to follow.

Easy Peasy Gardening with kids pages

Also contains non-activity pages that include facts and information about how our gardens work. Love, love, love. Written by Kirsten Bradley from the Milkwood Permaculture Farm

We are the gardeners at How we Montessori

We Are The Gardeners - This is a lovely story picture book about a family garden. It is a little too long for my three-year-old to sit through but it would be perfect from around 4 years+. The illustrations are wholesome and heartwarming.

We are gardeners pages

The story is special as it shares the adventures of the Gaines family garden including many of the obstacles they have overcome. 

We are gardeners pages

It's a nice reminder that gardening isn't always easy and we need to be persistent and problem-solve! Written by Joanna Gaines and family. Comforting and uplifting.

Harlem Grow book at HWM
Harlem Grown: How One Big Idea Transformed a Neighbourhood - This is a fantastic book about community gardening. Even better this is based on a true story of how one man noticed an abandoned and neglected block near an elementary school and with the help of the children turned the block into a vibrant urban garden.

Growing Harlem pages

There is a focus on the need for collaboration and team-work. There is a message that hard work will be rewarded not only through the plants and food but also through friendship and community.

Growing Harlem pages

No doubt this book is more than about gardening. It is about the difference that one person can make and about how we can come together to achieve a common goal. At the start, the goal can feel unobtainable but by working together, sharing the load and, by being persistent we can achieve our desired outcome. This has inspired me to sign up to volunteer at our local community gardnen.

Yucky Worms Kids Book at How we Montessori

Yucky Worms - This is more about worms than gardening but worms are so important. This is an informative book and there is lots of information on each page. It reads as a story book. It teaches us the importance of worms and to respect and be kind to the creatures in our garden.

Yucky worms pages at HWm

This instills knowledge which means our children know and understand the facts about worms and the roles they play. The child know what worms do and how. The illustrations support the text perfectly. 

Kids Gardening Experiments pages at HWM

This is an honourable mention. Gardening Lab for Kids: 52 Fun Experiments to Learn, Grow, Harvest, Make, Play, and Enjoy Your Garden - This is a book you can give to older children (perhaps 6yrs+) and they can find their own activities to do. There aren't any new   activities however it has a lot of ideas in one place. The activities are very doable, achievable and use many items you may already have around the home. Covers a wide range of planting, growing and creating activities.

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