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Eight Montessori Pasting Tray Ideas

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It's easy to prepare an activity and put it on your shelves. It's much harder to prepare an activity that meets your child's developmental needs and is also attractive to the child. My toddler doesn't love pasting and he will walk past most pasting trays. I know pasting is a valuable skill so I set out to make some pasting trays that he will actually use and enjoy.

I recently watched a video of a Montessori guide who suggested cutting out images for the child to paste from magazines and wrapping paper. My magazines didn't have many useful images but I started collecting catalogues from a wide range of stores. I then spent 15-20 minutes going through the catalogues cutting out appropriate images and I have stored them in basic categories. I also looked around the house for other images to use. I found some other pasting objects that I thought would appeal to him. Here are eight ideas pasting ideas that we have enjoyed over the last two weeks. 

  1. Pasting Construction Vehicles - cut out from this book cover.
  2. Pasting Vehicles - also cut out from this book cover.
  3. Pasting Feathers
  4. Pasting Groceries - food items, mostly packaged, cut out from supermarket catalogues. 
  5. Pasting Fruit and Vegetables - cut out from supermarket catalogues. 
  6. Pasting Coloured Shapes - using our Glue Station (c/o Lovevery).
  7. Pasting Metallic Paper Circles - cut out from metallic paper with a circle hole punch, presented in our Montessori Pasting Box.
  8. Pasting Botanicals - using petals and leaves. Dried flowers would be lovely too. 

Other ideas I like include pasting images cut out from:

  • birthday or Christmas cards
  • food packages/packets
  • travel catalogues and brochures
  • maps

also pasting:

  • used postage stamps - especially old or international
  • old buttons
  • interesting fabric scraps
  • pieces of coloured yarn or ribbon

So they are easy to see and find I store my cut out images in clear A6 document wallets.

Construction vehicle pasting at How we Montessori for Otto two years

The more we can tailor the activity to the child and their interests the more engaged they will be and the more they will learn!

Construction vehicle pasting at How we Montessori for Otto two years

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