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Magnifying Trays to Try

Magnifying work at How we Montessori

Are you looking for some fresh magnifying tray or activity ideas for your children? Here are ten that we've tried and enjoyed with my preschooler.

  1. Magnifying Glass with Matching Large and Small Cards - as this activity is new to us I've only put out three cards and they are really for observing. Later I will present all the cards and allow the child to match. This is so cute, my preschooler loves looking at the little images with the magnifying glass. Cards found here
  2. Children's Binoculars - with an easy carry bag and a note 'take me on a nature walk'. My child can't read this note but is learning his letters, the first time I put this out he brought the card over for me to read and yes then we went on a small nature walk. It's a lovely reminder to get outside (you don't have to leave the yard) and to take the binoculars. 
  3. Observational Stand Magnifier - with a 'What do you see?' note. Gosh I love this. Young children are very capable of observation and documentation. Today we had a sunflower under the stand magnifier and you can see the child's drawn observations below. The stand magnifier is really useful for young children as they don't have to hold it and it's easy for them to use. This can be a great way to encourage the child to notice the details and perhaps begin nature journalling. 
  4. Large Magnifier with Sea Shells - and other interesting sea side items. 
  5. Bugnoculars - these are fantastic to take on a nature walk and for the child to collect bits and pieces. 
  6. Hand Held Magnifier with Feathers - My preschooler recently showed me that he can use and enjoys using this hand held magnifier so I've started presenting it on his shelves. For the young child this magnifier is easiest to use with flat items like feathers. (Similar magnifier here).
  7. Nature Basket with Small Magnifier
  8. Rocks and Minerals with Mini Tongs and Magnifying Nature Pods - this is a fun transferring activity. The child can use the mini tongs and put the rocks and minerals into the little jars/magnifying pods. This would be fun to with seeds, seedpods, dried or dead insects or other small items. 
  9. Hand Held Magnifier with Leaves - I want to show this one to prove that there are things around our home that are interesting to see under the magnifier, these leaves all have interesting details.
  10. Large Magnifier and Flowers 

Magnifying work at How we Montessori

I love to use a magnifier with my children, we use them together and separately. I like to think that little provocations like these cultivates a culture of research, of investigation, questioning and curiosity within the home.

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