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Real Montessori Bedrooms to Love - September

Montessori Bedrooms to Love

Today I want to share six lovely, practical Montessori inspired bedrooms. There is no one right way to design a Montessori bedroom, our needs and likes are different, our families and homes are different. Let's take a closer look.

This is such a big space and I love how the owners have been able to incorporate lots of different zones including zones for reading, dressing, sleeping and playing. I also love the use of natural earthy colours. There is lots of colour in this room but it still feels warm and soothing.

This rooms just looks so cozy. The materials, books and artwork are all really low, perfect for an infant to toddler.

A super simple space that gives us the reminder that a mattress on the floor works just as well as a floor bed frame. 

I wanted to show you the pull up bar and mirror in this space, which looks like an affordable DIY. There are also lots of other good elements in this room including books and shelves and the child's height. The low shelves and the foot stool may also be useful for the child to pull themselves to standing.

This room is so cute, lots of warm tones, low bed and bookshelves. The natural timber bed, bookshelves and the natural basket are perfection.

A really comfortable looking space. Timber floors can be hard for a crawling baby and the rug around the bed and the soft fleece in the corner provide some comfort. I see they've also used a noodle or some type of support on the edge of the floor bed to prevent the child rolling out. 

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