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Bee Tees Tops for Kids at How we Montessori


Are you looking for cute tops or tees for your children? I'm often asked about Otto's tees so I wanted to share some of our favourites. These all have a fun bee or gardening theme. Many of these are made with organic cotton and the tees on Etsy are often hand printed. 

  1. Organic Bumblebee T-Shirt - this is such a cute tee with a large bee print (EU). 
  2. Organic Bugtime T-Shirt (EU)
  3. Organic Kids Grow Your Own T-Shirt - in green but also available in white (UK). The smaller sizes (<3yrs) have snap buttons at the top.  (AU link here). 
  4. Buzzing About Bees Short Sleeve Top (UK Etsy)
  5. Organic T-Shirt with Bugs, Bees and Butterflies (US Etsy)
  6. Bee Kind Sweater - this is nice and soft and is getting a lot of wear on the cooler days. It is in the same line as our Veggie Pals Tee (AU).
  7. Mini Gardeners Shirt - this one doesn't have bees on it, but it's still super cute (US Etsy). 
  8. Kids Bee Anatomy T-shirt (US Etsy)
  9. Kids Organic Pollinate The Planet T-Shirt - this store also has gorgeous pollinator pyjamas (AU). 

This post includes affiliate links. Thank you for your support. 

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