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Gross Motor Skills - The Benefits of Trampolining

Otis How we Montessori Vuly 1
I don't talk a lot about gross motor skill development at home. My children develop many of their gross motor skills through the work (and play) they do outside of the home including on nature walks, exploring, riding bikes and scooters, sports and climbing trees. 

However the children are now spending more time at home and we wanted some outdoor play equipment that would meet their needs individual needs for movement. We wanted something that the children wouldn't tire of easily and that could be used all year round. Trampolining it was! Our trampoline as pictured was designed by play and swing company Vuly

Otis trampoline at How we Montessori Vuly

Why? Otis (9yrs) has a lot of energy. He can run and ride all day and still not be tired. For him, the trampoline is the perfect piece of play equipment. When we talk about our trip to Copenhagen last year the number one thing he talks about is the trampoline park he visited almost every day, he just loves jumping!

I can see that when he is on the trampoline he is:

  • having fun
  • using his imagination as he makes up his own games
  • getting a cardiovascular work-out
  • building strength and stamina
  • developing his coordination and balance
  • spending time outdoors

Vuly Trampoline at How we Montessori

What about for younger children? With the shade cover on, the trampoline is like a big cubby house for Otto. He will play games with a ball (like hot potato) or even play with his trucks up there (or underneath also in the shade) in his own little world, we can read together while lying down on the trampoline listening to the birds and we can draw on the trampoline with chalk. I can't wait for when we can put the sprinkler on under the trampoline. For Otto, this is a peaceful way to spend time outside that also releases energy.

Vuly is Australia's favourite trampoline. We have the Vuly Ultra Trampoline in Medium (c/o Vuly). It is the perfect size for our family. It has lots of room for the children to jump individually or for them to play games together or lie down and relax. The bounce is fantastic for Otis (9yrs) who loves to jump high and try a few tricks and for Caspar (12yrs) who just loves a slower solitary jump. The shade cover keeps the leaves off the trampoline and also provides beautiful shade in the warmer weather. The quality of the safety net and padding and the innovative entry give me confidence and peace of mind. Please read all relevant safety information before ordering or using a trampoline.

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