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Independent Snack Making - at Three Years

Snacks at How we Montessori Preschooler at three 3 years

The title is slightly misleading as all of these snacks have had some adult involvement, however once they are presented to the child of around three, they may be able to do the rest themselves. Presenting snacks like this allows the child to develop practical life skills like peeling, slicing and spreading. These activities can also help develop fine motor skills. 

Here are a few snacks that we've enjoyed this week:

  • Fruit Kababs - using cocktail sticks (sharp one end, blunt the other) the child threads cut grapes, raspberries, blueberries and cubed rockmelon. We could make similar with apple, orange, banana or even vegetables although vegetables are harder and may be more difficult to thread. These are fun to make and share with friends or siblings. 
  • Celery Boats - while it's common to make these with peanut butter, we've used cream cheese with garlic and chives.
  • Toppings on Rice Cakes - cucumber, cheese and tomato slices to go on mini rice cakes.
  • Trio of Dips - guacamole, roasted beetroot hummus, and tumeric hummus to spread onto grilled pita bread.
  • Jam on Crackers - strawberry jam to spread on seeded crackers.
  • Sliced Egg - peel and slice a boiled egg. 
  • Sliced Strawberries - the child cuts the stem and leaves off before slicing. 
  • Nut Butter on Apple - almond butter to spread on slices of apple. 

These snacks don't sit on our shelves but I'll present them near snack time or sometimes my preschooler will use them while I'm cooking or busy in the kitchen. Usually I'll present one snack a day but my child still has access to our snack cupboard. As much as possible the snack trays are arranged to work from left to right, use child sized (specific to the child) proportions, child sized tools and sometimes I'll add a sponge if the snack tray is known to get messy, like with juicing or egg peeling.

Resources we use: Mini Tongs, Strawberry Slicer, Child's Serrated Knife

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