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Montessori abc's - The Perfect Alphabet Book by a Montessori Mom!

Montessori abc's at How we Montessori  alphabet book

(Christina's children James and Lilah reading Montessori abc's)

There is a new book on our shelves and I know you are going to love it. It's an authentic Montessori style alphabet book written and photographed by Montessori parents!

Montessori abc's (AU link here) is written by Christina Clemer (Montessori-ish Mom) and photographed by Nick Karwoski. It's wonderful to see a Montessori style alphabet book that is so true and genuine. Montessori abc's by Christina Clemer at How we Montessori

Christina decided to publish Montessori abc's after making a similar book for her son James. Montessori abc's has: 

  • a simple easy-to-follow layout
  • engaging and interesting images
  • phonetic words/images
  • a single photographic image for each letter
  • red consonants, blue vowels
  • Montessori based guidance on using the book and developing pre-literacy skills

Montessori abc's is:

  • suitable for Montessori and non-Montessori families
  • suitable for parents new to Montessori and for experienced Montessori parents 
  • suitable for new and experienced teachers 
  • recommend for children learning the alphabet phonetically, suggest 2-4yrs
  • recommended for libraries, Montessori parent libraries, playgroup libraries 

Let's take a look!

Montessori alphabet book b at How we Montessori

This is the most engaging alphabet book we've used (Otto reading it here is 38 months).

Montessori alphabet book b at How we Montessori

Phonetic, photographic, beautiful. This is such a good example of how simple Montessori materials can be. It's concise and clear without being overwhelming or overstimulating. All parents can use this, you don't need any previous Montessori knowledge.

Montessori alphabet book b at How we Montessori

I hope you enjoyed this little preview. Montessori abc's is available here in the US and UK and here for Australia.


Our copy of Montessori abc's was a gift from the author and this post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

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