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Jigsaw Puzzles for a Montessori Home - Preschooler Edition

How we Montessori zoo puzzle three year old
Ravensburger Welcome to The Zoo Jigsaw Puzzle - 2 x 24 Piece

Today I want to share some jigsaw puzzles that we are enjoying in our Montessori home. My preschooler loves puzzles. I find them fantastic for building focus and concentration, and they help to develop visual discrimination skills. Although we enjoy puzzles all year round they can be especially useful during the school holidays and during colder and wetter months. These are all jigsaw puzzles and not the traditional Montessori puzzles you would see in a school environment.

Jigsaw puzzles can be addictive. Once the child falls in love with them there is no going back! I find puzzles can bring a little calm to our day and may provide a small moment of quiet during the child's busy day. 

Otto three years Ravensburger puzzle fire rescue at How we Montessori

Ravensburger Busy Train Station Jigsaw Puzzle - 2 x 24 Piece

These puzzles depict real life scenarios, a zoo, farm, a train station. In addition to being attractive to the child, they also teach the child a little about the world around them. I look for puzzles that:

✔️Are realistic - as much as possible, these include illustrations that are aesthetically pleasing and aren't overly stylised. They include real scenes. Everything is in correct proportions and colours. 

✔️Contain lots of detail - I love that these puzzles have lots of detail to capture the child's imagination and to promote story telling. We can use these for language development, we can ask the child 'what is happening here' or 'what do you think happens next'.

✔️Have scenes that engage the child - themes like animals are universally loved by children. My preschooler also loves all types of vehicles (construction, emergency) and I look in advance for suitable puzzles that would interest him. The people in these puzzles are doing things and this is interesting to the child. 

Otto three years Ravensburger puzzle fire rescue at How we Montessori

Ravensburger Busy Fire Brigade Jigsaw Puzzle - 2 x 24 Piece

Ravensburger are one of my favourite brands for jigsaw puzzles. I find they come in a good range of themes, they are affordable, good quality and I like how they are available for so many stages, it's easy to progress through the puzzles and their varying levels of difficulty. Most of our Ravensburger puzzles have two puzzles in one pack and they also contain the full image on a printed sheet. I'm finding the 24 piece puzzles best for my preschooler right now. We have 12 piece puzzles which he enjoys but are too easy, we also have a few 35 piece puzzles that are on the more challenging side. 

How we Montessori Farm Puzzle at three years

Ravensburger Working on The Farm Jigsaw Puzzle - 2 x 12 Piece

At this age we also enjoy floor puzzles. The floor puzzle below by Melissa and Doug is new, Otto gets frustrated doing it on his own but it's fun to do with one of his big brothers. 

How we Montessori Melissa Doug Dinosaur floor puzzle at three years

Melissa & Doug Dinosaurs Floor Puzzle - 48 Piece

Representation matters, we would like to find jigsaw puzzles that accurately represent the people in our community with greater social and cultural diversity, please let me know if you have any recommendations. If you are interested in jigsaw puzzles you might also enjoy a previous article Ravensburger Puzzles We Love - For Children 2 to 6+ Years.

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