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Montessori Bedroom - Ideas for a Three Year Old

Real Montessori Rooms to Love - November!

Montessori Bedroom at How we Montessori

I get such a spark and a lift from looking at really beautiful Montessori spaces. All of these spaces are real, comfortable, and cozy!! These spaces are lived in. I hope you enjoy. ❤️

A bedroom for Nash. So many cute elements. Forward-facing bookshelves, low shelves, a comfortable small chair, and a floor bed. Lots of natural and neutral colours. 

Many families don't like to have toys in the bedroom, but I like the idea. The child can play during quiet time or before and after a nap. 

This room has lots of practical ideas. A low hanger for the child's clothes, a mirror for care-of-self, and a simple floor bed. 

 A cozy small space. 

I love this space. So much colour, warmth, and texture.

This is a lovely playroom. Lots of age-appropriate materials and lots of space to play!

Another playroom with lots of space. My must-haves for a playroom include a plant (the bigger the better!), age-appropriate materials, child-size shelving, a play mat to play on, and a table at which to work. I also like, where possible, to have art on the wall at the child's level and lots of natural light. This room has it all. 

This home is modern and minimalistic, they've created a gorgeous children's nook underneath the stairs. 

I've been asked about spaces for the 3-4yr range. Otto has just turned three and we are making some changes to his bedroom and play space. Hopefully, I can share these spaces and additional ideas for this age group soon. 

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