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Why We Use a Gratitude Journal + Gratitude Journals for Children 5-12 Yrs

Kids gratitude journals at 6-12yrs at How we Montessori

I've started to look for a journal for Otis (9yrs) for the new year. Otis likes to use a journal, he doesn't write a lot but he likes checkboxes and he makes lots of little comic drawings. 

Journals and importantly gratitude journals can be a wonderful way of connecting with your child, and for them to unwind and reflect on their day. I've found that a gratitude journal helps:

  • make gratitude a priority in our home
  • establish a gratitude ritual
  • provide a space for open communication between parents and children
  • promote record and memory keeping
  • the child unwind and de-stress at the end of the day
  • establish healthy daily habits and moments of self-care

Journals make wonderful, thoughtful gifts. Here are nine journals for children that I'm loving:

  1. The Happy Self Journal - includes a daily motivational quote, top three things to show gratitude for, emoji of the day, some fun checklists, and questions/prompts for self-development. This is the journal Otis (9yrs) has been using in 2020, it's super easy to use, Otis doesn't like writing a lot so the checklists are fun and it doesn't take too much time to complete. 
  2. Big Life Journal: Daily Edition - colourful and fun,  contains daily journaling activities encouraging a growth mindset, resilience, confidence, gratitude, kindness, and self-love. Big Life Journal has a range of supportive materials including a podcast for kids.
  3.  Today is Great: A Daily Gratitude Journal for Kids - includes prompts for what the child is grateful for, other writing and drawing prompts, and gratitude challenges. There is one open spread per week. On one page the child lists per day what they are grateful for and on the other page, there is a prompt with either a motivational quote or a challenge.
  4. Awesome Ends in Me - contains daily gratitude prompts and many other activities to stimulate growth and resilience. This feels a little more in-depth than the other journals with activities including topics like staying calm, breathing, saying thank-you, learning what makes you happy woven throughout the journal.
  5. Time Capsule: A Seriously Awesome Journal - this is high on my list for Otis. This feels very whimsical and fun without being too heavy. Although this is a journal it is also a time capsule, asking the child to be in the moment and capture what their life looks like at this point in time, what their strengths are, what their likes and dislikes are. I also like One Question a Day as a fun way of record/memory keeping. 
  6. Kids Growth Mindset Journal - promotes happiness and gratitude and helps develop a growth mindset that builds positivity and self-esteem. 70 guided daily spreads that give the child a mix of thought-provoking, self-reflecting questions, and fun, light-hearted questions. This is thick and has lots of space for detailed responses. 
  7. My First Gratitude Journal: Fun and Fast Ways for Kids to Give Daily Thanks - one page a day for the child to record what they are grateful for and why, and the third prompt for writing or drawing something else that made them grateful such as a place or a person. With each page being the same it may feel repetitive while some children may like the familiarity and security in answering the same questions each day. This is perhaps best suited to a younger child or a child new to journalling.
  8. The Three Minute Gratitude Journal for Kids - asks the child three things they are grateful for, the person who brought them joy today, how they feel, and what was the best part of their day. 
  9. The You Are Awesome Journal - by the same author as You Are Awesome: Find your confidence and dare to be brilliant at (almost) anything which Otis loved. This looks fantastic but I haven't been able to view the daily journal pages. 

Kids gratitude journals at How we Montessori

Pictured above is The Happy Self Journal which we've used in 2020. It's fun and super simple to use. 

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