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Children's Hand-drawn Ceramic Plates - for 3 Years+

Personalised ceramic plate children's handmade gift idea at How we Montessori

Today Otis (9yrs), Otto (3yrs), and two friends used Glass and Porcelain Markers to decorate plain white plates. The decorated plates would make lovely gifts for Grandparents or other family members. Our friends will later wrap their plates and give them to their parents as surprise gifts for Christmas.

Ceramic pens at How we Montessori

Decorating plates (or bowls, mugs) is a fun group activity as younger (3yrs+) children can participate as much as the older children and it doesn't require a lot of time or set up.

Ceramic pens at How we Montessori

Otto enjoys drawing and was really into it. 

Ceramic pens at How we Montessori

The finished plates were so individual and completely adorable. We will be keeping the markers safe for next Christmas or perhaps for Father's Day gifts.

How we Montessori gift plate ceramic pens three year old

Once the children finished their drawings we baked the plates. We put the plates into a cold oven and baked them at 160°c for 90 minutes. Until the plates are baked you can still wipe the marker off with a damp cloth - although please read the instructions as all markers will differ.

How we Montessori hand drawn ceramic plate child made for Christmas)

The colours came out more vibrant once the plates were baked! I tried and I can't scratch the marker off so I'm sure it's durable, although I've been advised that cutting food with sharp knives can scratch the makers. Our plates have been in the dishwasher (only a few times) and have come out perfect. 

We use Glass and Porcelain Markers from MTA (AU), similar here in the US

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