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Last Minute Gift Ideas from Etsy for Montessori Families.❤️🎄

Montessori child family gift ideas from Etsy at How we Montessori
Over the weekend I ordered a few stocking fillers from Etsy. Many items if in stock locally are still available for delivery before Christmas. If you are new to Etsy, you can log in or enter your location and you can receive a shipping estimate/date of arrival before you place an order. At this stage in December I'm only shopping from local stores but here are a few fabulous gift ideas that I've added to my Etsy favourites that you might like too. Most of these are educational and suited to Montessori families.

  1. Dinosaur Temporary Tattoos (US) - temporary tattoos are available in lots of different themes, allowing children to celebrate their interests. These are fun and easy to put into Christmas stockings. 
  2. Rainbow Play Dough Kit (AU) - I buy so much play dough from Etsy because I love the different scents and colours that I can't achieve at home. We also enjoy the loose parts that are in kits like this. I've ordered Christmas playdough for Otto and his cousins to play with on Christmas day, keeping them happy and busy playing together.
  3. Kids Yoga Game (Canada) - this is a simple way of teaching yoga poses, all in a cotton drawstring gift bag.
  4. Wooden Magnetic Alphabet (EU) - this alphabet looks lovely and my children have always used the magnetic alphabet on our fridge so much. 
  5. Kids Porcelain Mug and Plate Set (RU) - this is adorable. This set contains a real, porcelain mug and two plates.
  6. Kids Cupcake Cooking Set (US) -  what a perfect gift! All the ingredients and tools to make cupcakes. Also see Edible Education's Essentials Cooking Kit and Kids Prep a Pizza Kit (US). These are my type of gifts.
  7. Children's Stationery Writing Set (UK) - a great idea to encourage letter writing and for all those thank you notes. I also love this kids dino stationary (US).
  8. Garden Insect Crayons (AU) - novelty crayons can be a fun way to promote drawing and creating. I've ordered these dino crayons for Otto's (3 yrs) stocking. For our recommended ergonomic crayons see here
  9. Wool Felt Animal Finger Puppets (AU) - puppets can be used for open-ended play but also for children to role-play or to express their emotions. This puppet felting set would be fantastic for an older child (or adult) wanting to try needle felting. 
  10. 15 Specimen Natural History Set (US) - fifteen awesome specimens for children to explore and learn about. For a smaller gift, I like the idea of Real Gemstones in Mini Bottles (UK). 
  11. Kids Gardening Set (US) - also see Kids Gardening Seeds (US) for sharing a love of gardening with children. These gift sets are easy to DIY too. 
  12. Whittling Adventure Box for Beginners (US) - fantastic creative ways for children to use their hands and build skills. For children around the same age, I love this Magic Set (US) (my 9yr old would go crazy for it!). 

Let me know if you've finished your Christmas shopping or if you are still looking for gift ideas.

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