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Independent Snack Making / Food Prep Trays at Three Years+ - Christmas Edition 🎄🌟

Kids Christmas Snack at How we Montessori from three year old

Are you looking for Christmas themed snack or food prep ideas? Here are a few snack trays we have used over the last week. Some of these snacks my children will eat straight away and others they will put on a plate and share. All of these are easy to make and have some festive element!

Star Cheese on Crackers - my three-year-old loves to use cookie cutters, here we've used Christmas themed cookie cutters to cut shapes out of cheese slices and then put them on to crackers. For variety and colour we've used pink Beetroot Crackers

Grape & Raspberry Kebabs - fruit kebabs are healthy and super easy to make. We've used cut grapes and raspberries to embrace the red and green theme.

Icing Gingersnaps - don't feel like you have to do it all, while we could have used homemade gingerbread I've given the children some store-bought gingersnap biscuits to decorate with three different colours of icing in handy squeeze bottles. 

Avocado Trees with Baubles - my children love avocado toast and I feel like this is a more substantial snack for them to eat. I've made Christmas tree toast by using a Christmas tree cookie cutter on rye bread and toasted it under the grill. Then I've presented it with mashed avocado and tomberry tomatoes cut in half for baubles. The child spreads the avocado on to the toast and then adds the tomato baubles.

Banana Reindeers - these are a fun Christmas novelty. I've printed a photo as an example but there is no pressure if the children make something different. We have banana for the reindeer, pretzel pieces for the antlers, candy eyes and a cut fresh raspberry for the red nose. We've put them on cocktail sticks so they are easy to eat. I tried craisins and dried strawberries for the nose but raspberries are a nicer, brighter red colour. If your children don't like banana these Peanut Butter Celery Reindeer sticks are similar.

Carrot Oat Bliss Balls - we can make these together with the child or like I've done here mix all the ingredients and then give it to the children to roll into balls and press into desiccated coconut. I've used red and white coconut so this feels more festive however the recipe is also a little Christmasy in flavour. I've made the Carrot Oat Bliss Balls from My Kids Lick the Bowl, ingredients include carrot, oats, dates, sunflower seeds, coconut oil, dried ginger, and cinnamon - you blitz it all in a food processer and then roll it into balls. I've presented this with a larger plate/dish, these can be eaten straight away but we like to make them all and then put them in the fridge to set. As these don't have nuts they can also go into school lunchboxes.

Christmas cheese snack at How we Montessori

All of my children like cheese and crackers.

Montessori Christmas food prep  icing gingersnaps at How we Montessori

This icing activity is fantastic for building hand strength! This has the potential to get a little messy. 

Christmas cheese snack at How we Montessori

This looks cute and is a nutritious morning or afternoon snack. 

Banana Reindeer Christas snack at How we Montessori

Both my three and nine-year-old enjoyed making the banana reindeers. The photo card is a prompt but I could have also made an example for them to follow.  

Please share your most loved Christmas snacks!

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