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How we Montessori printable download activities at Christmas

Today I want to share some activities and last minute printables we've been using this festive season. Some of these activities we put on our shelves but some (like the I Spy) we will use with our family on Christmas day. The two-piece puzzles or the bingo (#6) also make it to our kitchen table for our three-year-old to play with his siblings. We don't do a lot of themed activity trays but I like using a few to add a festive touch to these last days before Christmas. 

  1. Personalised Montessori Christmas Placemat - I've made these for our children (and little cousins) for Christmas day. I was even thinking perhaps I can print them onto transfer paper and put them onto fabric. It's a super cute way to have personalised Christmas placemats.
  2. Christmas I Spy - this will be perfect for the children to do together at the table on Christmas day.
  3. Christmas Complete the Picture - I've presented these like two-piece puzzles. I love that these use real images. These have lots of details but are doable for older toddlers and preschoolers.
  4. Christmas Matching 2 Piece Puzzles - these are bright and bold, the set includes festive mugs, baubles, gingerbread houses, and Santas.
  5. Christmas Matching Silhouette - this is a simple matching object to its silhouette activity. 
  6. Christmas Memory - I've printed this so it can be played in the style of bingo by two players but the cards can be cut individually for memory. 
  7. Winter Scissor Strips - although it is summer here there are lots of Christmassy images in this pack, this has been a big hit, my three-year-old loves lots of scissor activities. 
  8. Christmas Size Ordering Activity - including trees, candy canes, gifts, baubles, crackers. This is fun if your child loves to order things, my three-year-old is really into lining things up in size. 

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