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Montessori Videos to Watch - Real Children Using Real Knives

Real Knives Real Montessori Families

My most viewed article this year was when we reviewed ten kitchen and chef knives for children 2-12yrs. It can be difficult to determine which knife would suit your child and their stage of development best. I thought it would be useful to show you what knives other Montessori families are using and to see them in action. Here are nine videos of very capable toddlers and preschoolers, chopping and slicing at home and at school.

Here the child is using a wood handle spreader to cut celery. Spreaders often make good knives especially in the early years when the child is cutting soft foods. The round tip on the spreader/knife is important for safety.

I love this! Cutting bell pepper (capsicum) with a Curious Chef children's knife.

Using the Ikea SMÅBIT knife.

Sylvester at 27 months using the orange dog Kuhn Rikon knife. The black serrated dog Kuhn Rikon was our most used knife at 2-3 yrs!

At 21 months, chopping mushrooms with a wavy chopper! ❤️

Teagan chopping banana at approx 18 months!! 

This amazing chopping cucumber at 2 years. It is wonderful to see so much concentration and coordination.  

Beatrice cutting banana at 20 months. Similar knife/spreader here. She is using a fork to hold the banana in place. 

Click through for the video of Beatrice using the Opinel Knife. The Opinel is sharp and is not a first or starter knife. 

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