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Whose Shoes? Whose Hat? - Making Associations + Language Development, 2-4 Yrs

Whose Shoes  language tray at How we Montessori

Do you have some dress-ups at home or some doll's clothing to use in a language basket? Above we have used doll's shoes to explore "Whose shoes are these?". We look at the shoes and their features to determine who might wear the shoes or where someone might wear the shoes.  For example, we might wear flippers to swim in the ocean. 

Whose shoes at How we Montessori shoe language tray basket

For a young child (Otto is three years) they can use this to build language for example learn the names of things, and also to make associations, thinking about what goes together or what community workers might wear.

Whose Shoes board book at How we Montessori

We like to read Whose Shoes? A Shoe for Every Job. Also available is Whose Shoes are These? A Look at Workers' Footwear. These are fun, guessing game books.

Whose hat? at How we Montessori

We also like to explore "Whose hat is this?". We use various hats found around the home including in dress-ups.

Whose hat is this at How we Montessori

My children love trying on different hats!

Montessori hat language basket  whose hat is this  Otto three years

We have a bike helmet, sun hat, sports cap, construction hat, fire-fighter hat, rain hat, and a straw hat.

Whose Hat is This?

Another guessing game book is Whose Hat is This? A Look at Hats Workers Wear - Hard, Tall and Shiny

Depending on what we have at home we could also play "Whose gloves are these?" or "Whose glasses are these"!! Let me know if you've played something similar.

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