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Adventures in Natural Tie-dye - with Children!

Natural tie dye with kids at How we Montessori (3)

I love the idea of creating something new using what we already have at home. It's the ultimate in creating because you have to be resourceful and smart. Today I'm sharing a semi-successful dying project using materials we already have and that is safe to do with children.

Have you tried tie-dying with your children? We've tie-dyed before using a kit but the children needed to be extra careful with the dye and wear gloves. Recently at our Bush School class, the children tie-dyed using found items (leaves, wild berries) and mud. The mud is said to be high in iron and produced a wonderful result. Even after many washes, the dye remains on Otto's shirt. 

Bush School natural tie dye with Children

So I've felt super inspired to try tie-dying again at home using other natural colours. Here we are using beetroot juice, turmeric, matcha and coffee. I help both Otis (9yrs) and Otto (3yrs) to tie their garments with rubber bands. Otis tied a lot of his and maybe they weren't tight enough to make a difference. 

Tie Dye tray at How we Montessori

Once the rubber bands are on the children use the squirt bottles to apply the natural dye. All the squeezing is fantastic for their developing hand muscles. I love to use these bottles with paint and coloured water for colour mixing too.

Natural dye children at How we Montessori Otto three years squirt bottle Sydney 2020

The colours here are beautiful. 

Natural Tye Dye with kids at How we Montessori

The boys coloured socks, singlets and tshirts. 

Natural colours tie dye with kids at How we Montessori

The turmeric is causing the gorgeous deep orangey gold colouring.

Nature tie dye at How we Montessori tshirts

Pictured above are the garments once they were unrolled (rubber bands removed) and dried. Now most people recommend heating the garments with a mordant or fixative. However as I wanted the children to do this, heating it was not an option. I know turmeric doesn't need a mordant and our mud dye had worked at Bush School, I was hoping a cold wash in vinegar might work, however it washed out all the other colours (surprisingly including the beetroot juice which always stains for me) and we were left with this amazing golden turmeric colour.

Kids tie dye at How we Montessori

I wasn't so much disappointed as I was surprised. This golden yellow colour was so vibrant and so bright!

Otto tie dye tumeric tshirt at How we Montessori

Like a little ray of sunshine! ☀️Otto (3yrs) loves his new tees and socks, he's so proud of them. 

Otto and Otis tumeric tshirts natural colour tie dye

Perhaps it is the vinegar, the garments are now super soft and cozy. I think Otis will use his singlets for sleeping.

Tie Dye shirts at How we Montessori tumeric colour

I've learnt a lot about natural colours and next time I'll be sticking with using turmeric only, but gosh this yellow is lovely! 💛💛

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