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Five Things - On A Friday

Otto Bush Forest School Sydney at How we Montessori barefoot Feb (1)

My two older children went back to school this week leaving Otto (3 years) at home with me. We started the week at Bush School. As much as possible I give Otto the option to or not to wear shoes at Bush School, he loves walking on a balancing tree and climbing trees barefoot. Does anyone have children like this, or are they ok climbing with shoes on?

Wedgits at How we Montessori (3)

Otto is using the WEDGiTS Building Blocks (from our Toy Library). I've seen them around, even in Montessori toddler classrooms but I hadn't used them myself. They can be stacked and used in many different ways. They look fantastic for visual discrimination, developing coordination, and concentration. 

Otto playing KNex at How we Montessori three years

All of my children love construction toys. We have the kids k'nex for younger children but Otto prefers the standard size k'nex (these belong to Otis 9 yrs). It's difficult for him to make 'things' but he loves to create. This is good for fine motor skills as the pieces that connect are small and require just a little strength to click them in.

How we Montessori scissor cutting strips wavy zig zag at Three Years 2021 (4)

Otto has been doing so well with his cutting tray, I've started to incorporate shapes, and here are zig-zag and wavy strips.

SmartCar at How we Montessori (2)

Smartcar (also from our Toy Library) is for children 4yrs+ but Otto loves it and has been able to progress through the challenges. It's very much like our other cognitive development types toys where the children position the blocks to match the images. I would recommend from three years.

Otto starts judo this week, it's his first organised sport type activity! His older brothers do judo and Otto often has to watch their classes, so he's been looking forward to it. I always feel a little anxious when they start a new activity.

A few articles that I've been enjoying this week: 

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

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