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Kids CAN Peel!! A New Skill To Learn - Using A Vegetable Peeler. Examples + Video

Montessori toddler peeling cucumber Australia

Toddlers can peel - HWM

I get most of my Montessori at home ideas from activities I've seen in Montessori classrooms. I've learnt how to put together trays, which tools to use, and how to present the work. It's also useful to observe children in the classroom and see how they respond to the work. But what if you can't get to a Montessori classroom, perhaps watching videos or images online is the next best thing.

Today I'm sharing peeling (with a vegetable peeler) work. Not all of these examples are from classrooms, many are from Montessori homes.

Montessori toddler peeling cucumber Australia

Adventures in Peeling - Vegetable Peelers For Kids + Montessori Practical Life Peeling Trays - HWM

I've found teaching peeling more difficult than teaching the child to slice and chop with a knife. I recommend 100% direct supervision while the child is handling the peeler - while peeling and also when packing up and washing the peeler.

Please keep in mind the focus is on the process, not the product. This is slow and deliberate work.

Peeling is just one part of making lasagne. This shows us just what a young child can do. What a wonderful experience for the child!

The long cucumber gives the child something to grip onto.

The guide holds and rotates the carrot while the young child focuses on peeling.

Peeling into the sink makes clean up easy. This looks like the Ikea SMÅBIT peeler.

See the concentration and persistence?

You can see how effective trays can be for keeping everything together and for containing scraps and things. 

Peeling carrot for mushroom and carrot soup! 

This young child is having success in peeling the carrot. 

More carrot and more persistence. ❤️ This child is two!

A nice example of how to present the materials on the tray.

Another example of how we could present this work.

If you are looking for further information on types of vegetable peelers we use with our children read here for a review & dimensions.

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