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What's New at Ikea for Montessori Homes (& Classrooms). February 2021


What's New Ikea February 2021 Montessori at Home   Sydney (1)

Are you looking for new practical life trays or perhaps a cute child size chair for your reading area? Ikea has a wonderful range of children's furniture and many items that are suitable for practical life activities in Montessori homes and classrooms. Here are a few things that are new to Ikea that I'm loving:

  1. STRANDMON Children's armchair, dotted turquoise - we have this chair in the grey. It's a good size for toddlers and preschoolers. This new dotty design is so fun!
  2. BERGIG Book display with storage - BERGIG is a new children's storage range, I like this unit as the child can have some storage down the bottom and have books forward facing at the top. This can be storage, toy shelf and book shelf all-in-one.
  3. KRINGGÅ Vase, set of 4 - a sweet set of vases. Every time I see these I think of children's flower arranging.
  4. HÄNGIG Label holder - these look fantastic for children's bedrooms. Labelling drawers and shelves allows the child see what goes where, for everything to have a place. This is a set of five label holders and comes with the illustrations. 
  5. Trays - there are some lovely new trays in stock, many of these are suitable for practical life activities. Pictured ROSENHÄTTA (blue flowers), VÅRFINT (orange fan tray), DOFTMINNE (single pink flower), DOFTMINNE (black tray with many flowers).
  6. MARIATHERES Children's apron - for children three years+, this is a nice simple design. Linen/cotton blend.
  7. VÅRFINT Tins with lid, set of 3- for organising bits and pieces, this colour palette is bright but calming. 
  8. HÄNGIG Mirror, white/round 26 cm - designed for children's spaces, suitable for a care of self area, has double-sided tape on the back for easy mounting. 
  9.  TISKEN Bathroom suction accessories - we like to use suction bathroom accessories in our bathrooms so the children can easily reach hand towels, toothbrushes/toothpaste, combs, soap, shampoo. These are super easy to adjust so you can have them at the perfect height. We have a corner unit like this in our bathrooms and it's easy for our three-year-old to pack up and store a few bath toys. The back colour way is new.  
  10. SMÅSTAD Wardrobe with pull-out unit - this pull out wardrobe is designed so children can see and access their clothes from both sides. This could also work well in a mud room for backpacks, coats, shoes and things. 

If you bake bread the new JÄSNING bread/proofing basket may be useful (I'm going to pick one up next time I'm in Ikea). The new flower JYSTRUP door mat is super sweet (we have the rainbow PILLEMARK doormat at our front door) and the new HILDEGUN dishcloths look practical (and affordable) for home and school.

Please note that stock varies from store to store and country to country. All of these items are new to us. Ikea links may take you to the Ikea website of your country, not to the direct product page. 

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