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Kids Can - Wash Windows! A Montessori Practical Life Activity

Montessori practical life windows

If it wasn't for Montessori, I wouldn't even think to have my preschooler clean our windows. While we may see window washing as boring or tedious, the child may see it as a fun opportunity to spray water, to use their large muscles to reach, push and pull the window squeegee. At this preschooler age, all of my children have loved window washing. If you don't believe me I invite you to give your young child a small spray bottle and a window squeegee and give it a go! 

We've had a lot of rain so our windows and glass doors are truly dirty. While many children will happily wash a clean window or mirror, I think it helps if the surface is dirty, so the child can see their progress and see where the water or squeegee has been.

Montessori practical life windows

If the child is new to this activity you can demonstrate it first. We spray the window with water, we use a water/vinegar combination, then use the squeegee to pull the water and dirt down.

Montessori practical life windows

Depending on the age of the child you might also like to provide a step stool.

Montessori practical life window washing for three year old at How we Montessori Sydney
I also like to provide a small cleaning cloth or mitt. The child can use it to wipe up any drips or to polish the window a little when they've finished with the squeegee. 

Reaching up Montessori gross motor window washing at How we Montessori

Children will focus on different things at different times. Some children will really focus on spraying the water. Today Otto was super focused on reaching and cleaning up high.

Window washing is a popular activity in Montessori homes and classrooms worldwide. 

Two toddlers cleaning a mirror! 

Window washing with a spray and cleaning cloth, with the incentive of using window clings afterwards. Don't feel like you must have a squeegee, a cleaning cloth works well. 

Cleaning some lovely low windows with the Melissa & Doug Spray, Squirt & Squeegee.

Another exuberant window washing. You can see how good this is for the young toddler's developing hand muscles. Some children just love to spray and this is a good activity for them. 

"Window washing is a very popular Montessori activity that helps the development of fine and gross motor skills while improving balance and coordination. It is also a great activity that trains the mind to concentrate and follow a sequence of actions." - The Montessori-ish Mom 

I love this sweet window washing basket. The spray bottle and squeegee at M.Vita.

This Squeaky Clean Squeegee set from the Lovevery The Enthusiast Play Kit (for 28-30 months). 

If you are looking for small toddler or child-size spray bottles see my review here

Child size window cleaning set option include:

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