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Wow Montessori Spaces Home and Classroom

Do you want to see some really beautiful Montessori spaces? Here are a few Montessori homes and classrooms that have caught my eye.

These spaces are not attainable for me and for many others simply due to space restrictions. I find all of these spaces refreshing and insightful, I can see the love and attention to detail that has gone into each of these homes and classrooms. These are all spaces for young children, from infancy to around preschool age. 

This a peek into a Montessori early learning centre in Germany. It's interesting to see the range of materials here. 

This is a Montessori Nido space that has three crawlers. Can you believe that Libby has made most of the wooden furniture including the freestanding pull-up bar. This space is so, so beautiful. There is so much to take in here. 

This is a toddler classroom at Elevate Montessori. They have a really lovely range of artwork on the walls. I like to take a peek at all the interesting baskets and trays they have on their shelves. 

"We wanted to create a space for Leif that is not only beautiful, but is also safe and functional for his developmental needs." - @leifslittlelife.

This space is cozy, warm, safe, and promotes freedom of movement. The print and little chair! 😍

Kelsey from My Simply Simple lives in the most amazing Modern Farm House. From low Montessori shelves to a kitchen helper, she has made her home child-friendly while still looking impeccable.

This is a pretty special play space. You don't need artwork on the walls when you have windows like these! 

Yes, this is a wonderful space with so much natural light, but I want to highlight the shelf, bookshelf, and child's table combination. These are the three main pieces of furniture that I would recommend for toddler to preschooler home environments. This is a setup that will last many years.

@myhomeinswitzerland has nicely integrated a wall mirror, pull-up bar, and movement area into a living room area. There is a wider view here

"Our days of play are filled with a mixture of the Montessori ethos combined with my personal love for 'curiosities' and natural resources." - @teachingwithmissh1. I've included this space as a warm, perhaps a little Reggio corner of the home which includes soft light and natural resources.

This space really speaks to me. It looks like a home that is cozy and comfortable and still meets the developmental needs of the child. There are several workstations and I love how they have created different zones in one lovely room, I also like to use round tables where children can come and work or snack together.

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