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Beautiful Montessori-at-home finds on Etsy - April 2021

Loving Buying on Etsy April 2021 at How we Montessori

After many years Etsy is still my go-to place to find unique homewares and children's materials. Etsy has many Montessori-at-home and similar resources. Here are some of my favourite finds from April, some of these we have and some are firmly on my wish list!

Wood Name for  Birthday or Celebration Ring - we have these wooden names for each of my children to use on their birthday, and season names for our nature or seasonal table. They are beautiful in person and worth waiting for international shipping.

Wooden Play Fences - Otto does a lot of pretend play with model animals and these fences will fit in perfectly. They only arrived today and they are so, so nice, they are sturdy and I love the wooden rustic feel. Highly recommend, now I want to add more to our collection. 

CVC Spin and Read with Flashcards - we are not ready to use these but they will be useful when creating CVC words in the future. 

Solar System Puzzle - this is on my wish list, I like the format of the puzzles from this store, like the Sharks, Sealife, and Life-cycles. This is also a really lovely solar system puzzle, both have life-life images. 

Weedy Seadragon Tee - this store also has an awesome Jellyfish tee. The printing on these is so vivid and accurate/real! Goes well with one of our latest Seadragon book.

Bright Hand-dyed Birthday Candles - these colours are amazing. We can never have too many candles in our home. I love these Hand-dipped Beeswax Short Rainbow Birthday Candles also in pastel for birthday celebrations or on a cake. We used these local beeswax coloured candles for Otis' birthday cake last week.

Botanical Print Tray - how cute is this for practical life work? We don't need any more trays but this is firmly on my favourites list. 

Bird Planter - this would be super sweet in a child's space like in a classroom or playroom!

Whale Breakfast Board - we love using breakfast boards but this could also work as a fun chopping board or as a serving board for snack time.

If you have an Etsy store, please leave a link, I'd love to take a look! 

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