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Montessori Bedrooms Rooms to Love! April 2021

Montessori rooms to love 2021

Children's bedrooms in Montessori homes are all about warmth, comfort, supporting developing autonomy and independence. Today I want to share eight Montessori bedrooms that I've recently discovered. 

This is Miss J's room and she has lots of beautiful Montessori inspired spaces here, including some work shelves, food prep area and dressing area. The little chair looks super comfortable and the low bed allows for freedom of movement. The neutrals in here are lovely!

This is Hunter's room. I love this peek into his play/work area too. This room looks super comfortable with lots of room for moving around. I love the low artwork in the golden frames. 

This is a serene and peaceful bedroom in Ireland. I like having books close to the bed. The child can read on their own before or after a nap. This space is simple and uncluttered. 

This is Clara's bedroom, from when she was around 17 months. We've also tried to have a nightlight (or a children's  torch) and a photo near the bed for comfort and familiarity. 

I love this low shelf, low bookshelf and playmat combo. The book choices are fantastic too. I can see a young child being very happy in here!

Zoey's sweet room in Michigan. This room feels calm with lots of natural materials and neutral colours. I also like to have a small table and chair in the bedroom so the child has some space to work in their own personal space, potentially away from siblings.

Kamea’s room in Seattle. Please flip through and look at all the images of this room. This space has lots of small details. Note the routine chart on the wall, child's table and art paper, child size wardrobe, mirror and care of self area, books and a few plants.

This room at Missy Montessori is being prepared for a new baby. It's a gorgeous room, we can see a comfortable reading area, child's wardrobe, low chair for dressing, soft night light, low infant shelves and few materials including high contrast materials and a mobile. The new baby will enjoy the movement area near the low shelves and mobile first.

I hope you've enjoyed taking a peek into these lovely rooms! 

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