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What Are Your Children Making Today? Making Garlic Bread - at Three Years

Kids can make garlic bread at How we Montessori at three years

What are your children making today? It's a cold day and we are having friends over for dinner. So I was thinking of making homemade pizza. What goes best with homemade pizza?  It has to be homemade garlic bread!

I enlisted my three-year-old to help. Garlic bread doesn't need a recipe but I wanted to show you our steps. Just to say, we can, if we have the time, we can include our young children in the making and baking but also we can include them in hosting, in demonstrating hospitality towards our guests. 

Cutting bread baguette at How we Montesori Otto three years (2)

Otto (3yrs) couldn't do this all independently. Luckily he has older brothers to help. We get him started on each bread slice, but once we've broken through the crust, he slices the rest himself.  I've used a food-safe (decorating) pen to make markings for even bread slices.

Making garlic bread food prep at How we Montessori otto three years 2021 practical life kitchen

Then he mixes garlic, fresh parsley and butter to make the garlic butter. 

Mixing garlic butter at How we Montessori practical life activitiy three years old

He needs more help here to mix it smoothly.

Spearding garlic bread practical life three year old cooking at How we Montessori

Spreading garlic butter onto the bread. Ok, a little messy. Otto insists on wiping his fingers each time he gets butter on them. This is much harder than it looks. The child has to hold the bread slices open and then get the butter in there.

Spearding garlic bread practical life three year old cooking at How we Montessori

Then wrap in foil. 

Wrapping garlic bread foil at How we Montessori practical life actvitiy warm snack (1)

A good thing about garlic bread is that you (and your child) can make it earlier in the day and keep it in the fridge until later in the day, or use it the next day.

Garlic bread going into the oven at How we Montessori cooking with kids three year old

We made two loaves. Into the oven. 

Making garlic bread practical life cooking with kids at How we Montessori

Wow. It was delicious. I think any guest would love this with their pizza especially knowing it was made with love and care! 

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