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Five Fantastic Kickstarter Projects To Support - Right Now!


I recently visited Kickstarter to back Earthtiles new Kickstarter project -  Earthtiles Colours! If you are not familiar with Earthtiles they are wooden magnetic tiles for children, previously they were only available in one natural colour. If the Kickstarter campaign is funded the new set will have 100 tiles in five colours and shapes. They are made with sustainably sourced wood and painted with child-safe colours. But Kickstarter is all or nothing, and this project needs your support with only three days to go. By backing this project we can get fresh colours and new shapes of Earthtiles at a good price. Buy now and we can put it away for birthdays or Christmas. Support here

While at Kickstarter I also supported these fantastic looking Pattern Alphabet Cards. This project is already fully funded but it looks like a great opportunity to be first in to get the cards. There is a lot to it but simply, the patterns are printed on clear polypropylene cards. The children can use the cards as a lens to look through, the child can hold the cards up and find matching or similar pattern in nature. Then using materials provided they can make the patterns. I adore this idea and it's perfect for preschoolers+. Support here.

I know Your Whole Body will appeal to many Montessori parents. Your Whole Body is a picture book for children about the entire body, from head to toes and everything in between. It is a hardcover book that is accurate, age-appropriate, diverse and inclusive, and complete with labels for all major body parts including genitals. There is a ton of evidence supporting the need to teach children from birth, the correct names for genitals. Your Whole Body is a tool to help parents teach their children the correct names of their body parts and normalize the use of the correct names. Support here

Hungry Life looks like an amazing card game for older children, I'd suggest elementary age+. Although younger children could use the cards as fact cards. There are two sets available, one for Europe and one for North America. It is a card game based on animals, plants, human projects and natural events. It is a competitive game that is educational with children learning about the animal's trophic level (where it falls on the food chain), edibles (what it eats), habitat, life span, size, population status and lots more. This could also be super useful for schools, holiday camps and even for family fun nights! Support here

I do not have space for this but I thought you might like to see it. It's Magnus. The Magnetic Play Couch. Yes, you read that right. It is a play couch that you can build and rearrange and it stays together with magnets. If you are in lockdown, in quarantine or need some safe gross motor activities for indoors, this might be for you! Support here

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