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Art shelves in Montessori Homes toddler to preschoolers

We've had a crazy week with the children suffering injury and illness, so today I wanted to share something really bright and cheerful. What could be more cheerful than Montessori home art areas? These areas are doable, practical and also beautiful. In some of these areas you can see specifically what activities are presented, what art materials are used, and the little features that make a difference. All of these areas are impeccably organised. I hope you enjoy!

Wow, this family has used Magna-Tiles in the windows to create some wonderful coloured light. I can see large post-it note on the wall, lots of coloured crayons and various papers. This area is for a child around two years old.

A comprehensive art area and if you click through you can see lots of the activities available to the child. I always like to see how other families present their act activities. This area is for a three-year-old. How nice are those large windows?

The organisation and layout of these shelves are how I like my children's art shelves at home. The activities and materials are spread out with lots of space in between them, and I also like to use clear containers for things like markers and crayons. I can see coloured pencils, art cards, markers, dot markers, glue sticks, hole punches, scissors, stencils, paper, crayon rocks and so much more.  

Spring themed art shelves at 29 months! Cutting with scissors, painting with a flower, play dough play, stickers and colouring. 

Toddler art shelves. Kelly @finelinenpaper is a former Montessori teacher and all of her children's spaces are amazing, they are peaceful and so beautiful. I love how she has used wooden trays and baskets to keep materials together and organised. 

I love this capture too as our art easel is almost always outside and small clotheslines are perfect for the child to independently hang wet artwork!! 

Art shelves for a two-year-old. I've included this as I like the ideas to use baking trays, they are easy to find and easy to clean. 

These shelves are also for a two-year-old. Paper, markers, pencils, crayons, stickers, hole punch, painting and a play dough tray. 

This area is for an almost-two-year-old. Includes cutting, glueing, modelling, colouring and painting work. 

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