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Handmade kids ceramic cups and plates at How we Montessori Etsy June

In Montessori, it's important for children to use 'real' things. Children learn to carefully and respectfully carry and use real knives and forks, real glassware, and real ceramic mugs, plates, and bowls. As we expect breakages we generally use affordable options. Although occasionally in Montessori homes we also use wood or melamine. Here are some choices I'm loving from Etsy. Most of these are special pieces, which can teach children to look after items that are especially good. I also think it's nice for the child to have one or two special pieces that are just for them. I've ordered e. and f. for my preschooler. 

  1. Pastel Animal Kids Personalised Plates - 20cm plate in a range of colours and animals. 
  2. Ceramic Children's Plate Set with Name - this is adorable. I love whales but the hedgehog set is so whimsical. 
  3. Personalized Ceramic Children's Mug - in 100ml or 150mls. So beautiful and earthy. If these were local I would order ASAP. 
  4. Kids Special Whale Cup - this is one of a kind.
  5. Kids Engraved Personalised Three-piece Boxed Cutlery Set - I like how modern these look and I know my three-year-old will love them.
  6. Mini Mugs Dinosaurs - these are a mini, espresso size. Also, see the Australian Animal mugs in the slightly larger - small size. 
  7. Personalized Children's Wooden Plate with Whale - more whales and this is also personalized.
  8. Set of 4 Mini Bowls Aussie Animals - also see this dog set!
  9. 3D dinosaur mugs - these look fun too, perhaps for older children. 

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